In view of the national decree concerning the easing of border restrictions applicable since June 9th, the conditions of entry and stay in The Islands of Tahiti are changing.

Important: registration on must be filled between 30 to 6 days the latest, prior to departure. For other travelers, a boarding authorization must also be granted from the High Commissioner. The is the gateway for both documents.

Travelers Must Present the Following Documents in Order to Board Their Departing Flight:

  1. The registration receipt from the ETIS* platform (please complete this application 30-6 days prior to departure).
  2. For other travelers: an authorization to travel into French Polynesia issued by the High-Commissioner from the “Administrative Application” (to be found on the ETIS platform).
  3. A negative laboratory RT-PCR test performed no more than three days before departure.
  4. A sworn statement to abide by sanitary regulations upon arrival in French Polynesia. CLICK HERE to obtain this form.
  5. It is recommended to also bring the proof of vaccination document if vaccinated.

The full protocol is detailed above. Please contact us at for further information.

By Tahiti Travel Services | 11 Jun 2021 | Covid 19 Latest News Tahiti Tahiti News Travel tips