Health Surveillance Fee Effective July 20, 2021

As indicated in a previous press release, all passengers will be subject to a fee upon arrival to cover part of the costs associated with Covid 19 health measures. This fee covers the processing of administrative and sanitary requests, Etis procedures, arrival tests and tracing of passengers disembarking in French Polynesia.

Starting on July 20, 2021, upon obtaining your Etis receipt, travelers will be required to pay a flat fee. The amount of the fee will be tiered according to the type of traveler :

Vaccinated traveler: 5 000 xpf
– Vaccinated person 6 years and older
– Non-vaccinated children between 6 and 18 years old accompanying a vaccinated parent or legal guardian
Non-vaccinated traveler: 12,000 xpf
– Unvaccinated person 6 years and older

– People under 6 years old
– Student residing in French Polynesia – with supporting documents
– Person returning from medical evacuation – with supporting documents
– Accompanying person returning from a medical evacuation – with supporting documents
– Flight attendants and health professionals, residing in French Polynesia, travelling for their professional activity with a stopover outside of Tahiti less than or equal to 7 days.

Travelers will have to pay this fee online, when they apply on the platform.

Please note that travelers who have already completed their ETIS application and obtained their receipt will not have to do so again and are exempt from this payment.

By Tahiti Travel Services | 07 Jul 2021 | Covid 19 Tahiti News Travel tips