Ia Ora Na Travel Advisors! Let’s together debunk those myths about Tahiti! Let’s shout it out that Tahiti is NOT expensive, is NOT just for honeymooners and there is SO much to do in our gorgeous islands! Did you say… Expensive??? French Polynesia offers a large range of accommodation from our stunning 5-star resorts to… […]

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Rangiroa, “Endless” skies”

By Tahiti Travel Services | 11 Oct 2019 | Adventure Diving Rangiroa

“Who would know?” “Who could know?”, you ask… but yet, there it is almost at the end of the world! A winery! The only winery in French Polynesia nestled on the atoll island of Rangiroa, Vin de Tahiti, founded in 1997 when the first vines were planted. Rangiroa, in English “Endless Skies” is an epicurious dream come true! The perfect […]

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Unique private island experience, Motu Teta

By Tahiti Travel Services | 20 Sep 2019 | Private island Rangiroa Villa

The second largest atoll and one of the top 5 dive destinations in the world, teeming marine life, from 4-star accommodation to truly elegant yet simple Tahitian guesthouses on private motus and even a winery with twice yearly grape harvesting… …Rangiroa will always surprise you! For a deep plunge into an “out of this world” […]

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