Arriving into Mo’orea , I could already feel the magical presence of “mana” filling the air. A promising, mystical adventure awaited me as I knew my local, Tahitian guide, Yvette from Moorea VIP Tours, was picking me up.
Yvette is born and raised on this gorgeous island of Mo’orea meaning yellow lizard and is the author of a precious, small volume on the history, legends and lore of the island! Not to say that I had a true expert on Mo’orea as my guide! As we strolled through the tropical forest, Yvette pointed out the different plant species particularly their very practical, everyday use! We explored the ancient “marae” used on ceremonial occasions and her expressive style brought alive the old legends of yesteryear which are still very much a part of Tahitian society today. Our journey ended at the waterfalls learning (and tasting) about the medicinal properties of the tropical fruit including the scrumptious, sweet pineapple grown on Mo’orea !
By Tahiti Travel Services | 11 Oct 2019 | Adventure Culture Moorea