This grand island is from where the Arii or kings departed on their double hulled outrigger canoes to discover new lands, new islands and form what is called today the Polynesian triangle (French Polynesia, Hawaii and New Zealand). The focal point is found at the UNESCO world heritage protected site, Marae Taputapuatea meaning “sacrifices from afar”. The marae was a place of learning where priests and navigators from all over the Pacific would gather to offer sacrifices to the gods and share their knowledge of the genealogical origins of the universe, and of deep-ocean navigation.
Today, it is a peaceful, charming island and has the only navigable river to explore. Hidden in the middle of a dense forest, Opoa Beach Hotel is perched on the lagoon’s edge with a white sand beach. The guesthouse has endless views of the lagoon, the bird sanctuary, the coral reef and fabulous sunrises over Huahine. This small boutique hotel was built entirely by hand offering its’ guests authenticity, serenity, warmth Polynesian style!
By Tahiti Travel Services | 20 Sep 2019 | Adventure Culture Raiatea