Who would know?” “Who could know?”, you ask… but yet, there it is almost at the end of the world! A winery! The only winery in French Polynesia nestled on the atoll island of Rangiroa, Vin de Tahiti, founded in 1997 when the first vines were planted. Rangiroa, in English “Endless Skies” is an epicurious dream come true! The perfect melange of delectable foods, adventurous activities, exceptional encounters between man, land and the sea, all wrapped on the second largest atoll island in the world!

I could never have imagined scuba diving with dolphins in the morning with The Six Passengers, learning about this precious gem that is the Tahitian Black Pearl at the only pearl farm Gauguin’s Pearlon Rangiroa in the afternoon, and completing this remarkable journey with a sunset wine tasting at “Vin de Tahiti” ! I had a wide choice of dining locations whether in a small, local café, in a 3 star hotel (Maitai) or a 4 star hotel (Kia Ora) but I ended up at the authentic Tahitian guesthouse Pension Joséphine located right on the edge of the Tiputa Pass. I had 5-star seating with views of the dolphins as they leaped at sunset across the waves! On the menu were unique, fusion and local delicacies such as Korori in Curry, Mahi Mahi Chinese Style or even Hot Sashimi! I even had the wine master give me a oenological course and wine tasting with, of course, wines from Vin de Tahiti and from around the world! All of this to be found at… the end of the world!

By Tahiti Travel Services | 11 Oct 2019 | Adventure Diving Rangiroa