The second largest atoll and one of the top 5 dive destinations in the world, teeming marine life, from 4-star accommodation to truly elegant yet simple Tahitian guesthouses on private motus and even a winery with twice yearly grape harvesting…
…Rangiroa will always surprise you!
For a deep plunge into an “out of this world” experience, a complete disconnect from the world around you, the exotic private island Tahitian guesthouse villa “Motu Teta” will astound you!
FThe Main Villa and guest residence were constructed in a classic Tahitian style featuring, rich hardwoods, airy open beams, and open wooden shutter windows to allow the caress of the South Pacific breezes.  You will be pampered by your private chef, butler, numerous activities or simply lazing or relaxing with a massage!
By Tahiti Travel Services | 20 Sep 2019 | Private island Rangiroa Villa