And now for a Special Focus on our “food trucks – street food” in Tahiti ! In the newly created Vaipoopoo Park located right across the street from the Town Hall of Punaauia is a beautifully designed park for children, a sports trail as well as an area reserved for our famous, local food trucks! Street food […]

Ia Ora Na Travel Advisors! Let’s together debunk those myths about Tahiti! Let’s shout it out that Tahiti is NOT expensive, is NOT just for honeymooners and there is SO much to do in our gorgeous islands! Did you say… Expensive??? French Polynesia offers a large range of accommodation from our stunning 5-star resorts to… […]

The French Minister of Overseas territories announced the reopening of Tahiti and Her Islands to French tourists as of June 9th 2021. During a press conference which took place on Tuesday May 26th, Dominique Sorin the French government representative in Tahiti, and Edouard Fritch, French Polynesia President, indicated that this reopening also applies to Europeans traveling via […]

TRAVEL UPDATE – 28 May 2021 – US TRAVELERS ONLY After your lovely vacation in Tahiti & Her Islands, to return back to the US, you can now use self-tests !  AS A REMINDER : PCR test (or rapid antigenic) required prior to to your return to the United States only Beginning January 26, 2021, the […]