The updated requirements for travel to The Islands of Tahiti (as of May 20, 2021):  

Post-Vaccine Travel Requirement: Please note the previously announced entry and stay conditions for The Islands of Tahiti have been amended to require a 14-day waiting period between full vaccination and departure from the United States to The Islands of Tahiti, effective June 1, 2021.

Single Platform for Itinerary and Uploading Documents: Travelers coming from the United States are required to connect to between 30 days (at the earliest) and 6 days (at the latest) prior to their departure. It is the gateway for all entry and stay formalities. It is no longer necessary to access the website of the High Commission to upload documents, this will be done on

Please note, the website language has been updated so that travelers will commit to performthe RT-PCR test within 3 days prior to departure. Previously they were asked to commit to have already taken the RT-PCR test.

Travelers from France are Eligible to Travel Beginning June 9th: As an extension of the gradual opening to tourists initiated in early May, the compelling reasons between the territory and France will be lifted for people who have completed their vaccination schedule from June 9. It remains in effect that travelers who have not been in the US for 30 consecutive days prior to departure may be refused entry. 

Travel Requirement Infographic Charts: Updated charts displaying the travel requirements are available for travelers coming from the US


For Vaccinated Travelers or Travelers with Proven Immunity
(Non-vaccinated/non-immune travelers aged 6 and older are subject to 10-day quarantine. Travelers under aged 6 are exempt)

Travelers who have not been in the US for 30 consecutive days prior to departure may be refused entry.

Between 30 and 6 days prior to departure
– Complete the form; one form per person. Registrants are required to upload a completed vaccination card or proof of immunity (positive serology test completed between 15-30 days prior to departure). Once completed they will receive the ETIS receipt and an additional boarding authorization from the High Commission to their email address.
– It is recommended that these forms are completed as soon as the travelers are eligible (between 30 and 6 days prior to departure).
– A copy of their flight confirmation is required.
– If traveling based on proven immunity, they will also need to upload proof that they have had COVID-19 between 15 days and 6 months prior to traveling. This can be a positive COVID-19 test or a doctor’s note certifying the patient had previously contracted COVID-19.
– Print, fill in and sign the Sworn Statement to abide by sanitary regulations upon arrival in French Polynesia. This does not need to be uploaded, but needs to be kept with their paperwork for check-in.

Three (3) days prior to departure
– Travelers must take an RT-PCR test and receive their negative test results in order to board their flight. Results must show it is an RT-PCR test completed within three (3) days of international departure date. This cannot be a rapid test, home test or self test; if they are, they will be denied boarding. It must be conducted by a medical professional and must be an RT-PCR test.

Day of flight checklist
– Vaccination certificate/card with vaccinations shown to be complete at least 14-days prior to departure OR proof of immunity (serological test that shows positive for antibodies) taken between 15–30 days prior to departure
– ETIS confirmation e-mail and separate boarding authorization letter from the High Commission
– Negative RT-PCR results within three days of departure
Sworn Statement to the High Commission to abide by sanitary regulations upon arrival in French Polynesia (one per person, printed, signed)
– Passport

By Tahiti Travel Services | 28 May 2021 | Covid 19