Coronavirus COVID-19 - Travel Information (07/10/2020) More details

Dear Clients, Ia Ora Na !

Starting July 15th, French Polynesia’s borders will re-open to International Tourism from all countries. In coordination with the authorities, new requirements to visitor’s entry and stay will be applicable to all travelers arriving by air. Quarantine measures will be lifted and thus, new measures have been taken.

Our borders will re-open under very strict procedures. Travelers, resident and non-resident, from Europe and the Unites States will have to fill out a sanitary entry form up on the platform (Electronic Travel Information System), with complete information related to his identity, duration of stay and itinerary.

Procedures before departure:

  • A mandatory Covid-19 test has to be carried out by the travelers in a health authority center within 3 days before the flight to Tahiti (at client’s expense). The test results must be negative and will need to be presented upon international check-in prior to boarding the flight to French Polynesia.
    Clients will not be allowed to board if test is positive.
  • Each adult must fill out a digital Sanitary entry form online on the dedicated platform ( mainly agreeing to:
    • Respect the prevention measures and all health safety instructions issued by the authorities of French Polynesia for the pre-boarding phase, during the flight, disembarkation and throughout the stay;
    • Call the emergency health line at 40 455 000 in case of cough, fever or respiratory difficulty. If the traveler feels any sign of distress, they should dial “15” (emergency services);
    • Submit to the health surveillance system established by the government of French Polynesia which, among other health protocols, mandates a self-test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus 4 days after arrival French Polynesia;
    • Have travel insurance or personally assume all expenses related to cost of care including hospitalization, confinement, or repatriation, should the visitor fall ill during their stay;
    • Provide information about the stay in French Polynesia (except for residents) : itinerary, inter-island transport, accommodation (e-mail contacts / telephone / dates of stay).
  • A receipt with an ETIS number will be issued and must be presented upon check-in as well as the test results. .

Procedures upon arrival:

  • An envelope containing a Self-test along with detailed instructions will be given to travelers. This Self Covid-19 Test is Free.
    The Oral and Nasal test must be conducted the 4th day of the arrival in French Polynesia. It is a mandatory procedure.
  • Clients will be welcomed by our carrier in compliance of the physical and social distancing:
    The hostesses and drivers will be wearing protective mask and be offering hand sanitizer.
  • Physical distancing will be maintained during the explanation of the travel documents given to clients.
  • During transfers, clients who are not related will be seated in different row and clients of the same family will be seated together.

Procedures during the stay:

  • Wearing a mask or face covering is recommended (From 11 years old)
  • Respecting physical distance measures at all times and all places.
  • The self covid-19 test must to be conducted upon the 4th day of the arrival
  • In case of doubt on the traveler’s state of health (Cough, Fever, difficulty breathing, flu symptoms), clients are required to contact the lobby of their accommodation and/or directly Public Health Authority (“Bureau de Veille Sanitaire”) (+689 40 455 000)
  • Depending on the diagnosis made by the Public Health Authority (“Bureau de Veille Sanitaire”) follow their instructions which may include isolation and/or conduct an additional RT-PCR COVID-19 Test.

Once the sampling Self COVID-19 Tests have been completed, it must to be given to the front desk of the hotel/pension. They will be responsible for sending the samples to the Laboratory Institute Louis Malardé (ILM) in charge of conducting the tests.
For accommodations in Tahiti, ILM will be in charge of collecting the samples.
For accommodations in the Outer islands (other than Tahiti), the samples will be sent to the local dispensaries or health centers, which will send directly to the Institut Louis Malardé (ILM).

Note : Results of the Self COVID-19 Test won’t be transmitted to clients. Only clients with positive results will be contacted by the Public Health Authority (“Bureau de Veille Sanitaire”) and recommended procedure would be implemented.
Clients would be immediately in quarantine for isolation or repatriate to the Hospital Center of French Polynesia (CHPF)
All related sanitary costs will be at the clients’ expenses.

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